How to apply

Iconic eyebrows, naturally.


1. Before

In order to make the application of the EcoBrow Defining Wax easy to remember, Marco created a three-step process he calls: “DAB, FILL, BLEND.” Most women aren’t born with perfect brows, so Marco created this natural, mineral-based coloring wax that allows you to achieve beautiful, full-brow effects.


2. Dab

Using a duo angled/spooley brush, like the EcoBrow Defining Brush, lightly DAB the angle side of the brush with wax. TIP: Use the inside of the cap to remove any excess product. Marco suggests going light at first and then building from there. That’s the great thing about the wax — the intensity can easily be controlled with the application. You can go as light or dark as you want.


3. Fill

Next you want to FILL in the brows using short, hair-like strokes, applying more as needed. TIP: Fill in the bare spots first and then work from there.


4. Blend

Lastly, you want to use the spooley side to brush the brows upward and BLEND the wax in perfectly.


5. After

And voilá! You’ve got iconic eyebrows, naturally.

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