Marco Ochoa

Founder, CEO

Marco Ochoa's artistic talents first emerged when he was just 13 years old. Armed with raw creativity but lacking professional tools, he ingeniously turned to his mother's makeup to begin crafting portraits. His fascination was fixated on a specific aspect of femininity—the eyes. Observing his mother's skillful makeup application became a profound wellspring of inspiration, alongside the glamorous movie stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, such as Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe. These influences profoundly shaped Marco's concept of enduring beauty, eventually becoming the cornerstone of his entrepreneurial artistic vision.

A pivotal moment arrived when Marco's sister introduced him to the art of eyebrow threading. Witnessing the swift and precise technique during her first threading session left an indelible mark on the young artist's mind. It piqued his curiosity to the extent that he started experimenting with thread at home. It took years of dedicated practice, but time molded Marco into a globally recognized expert in his craft.

Today, Marco's reputation for his threading expertise extends well beyond the confines of his native Los Angeles. His name graces the pages of prestigious fashion and beauty magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Elle, and Glamour, both nationally and internationally, solidifying his status as a renowned authority in the field of eyebrows.

Marco’s studio is currently located on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills, where he sees clients in addition to booking private sessions for celebrity clientele. His signature style of threading, “Painless, Precise, Perfection,” keeps people coming back. Brazilian supermodel Camila Alves McConaughey raves: “I am very particular about who I allow to shape my brows because I believe that they are the most important feature on the face. I only go to Marco because he has mastered the technique of shaping eyebrows by simply using thread, while avoiding any pain for the client. He also really listens to what you want and then makes the magic happen. I call him the brow magician.”

Marco isn't just your average beauty brow expert. He's a dreamer with a strong work ethic, inspired by his hardworking mother. In 2013, he started his entrepreneurial journey by launching the Ecobrow Defining Wax, the first product in his highly praised Ecobrow line. Today, Marco is still deeply involved in every aspect of the line, ensuring its authenticity and top quality.

Ecobrow’s main mission is simple: to empower women to create the perfect brow and discover their inner icon.

Says Marco: “The thing that all the women I grew up watching and loving have in common is a certain mystique, a beauty that captivates from the moment they enter a room. And their eyes – they speak volumes, without the need for words.”


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