Brand Story

When Marco first embarked on developing the Ecobrow line, natural eyebrow products were scarce in the market, and the existing options left much to be desired. The goal was clear: create a universally inclusive product that caters to all skin tones, aligns with Marco's commitment to responsible beauty, and meets the high standards of top makeup artists worldwide. This may have seemed like a formidable challenge at the time, but Marco's unwavering dedication paid off in 2013 with the birth of the Ecobrow Defining Wax.

Setting itself apart from most brow products on the market, it quickly gained popularity and garnered a dedicated following among beauty experts worldwide. This success was attributed to its indulgently smooth texture and long-lasting, cream-to-powder finish. What truly distinguishes the Ecobrow brand is Marco's artistic, deeply personal, and hands-on approach, which is evident in every aspect, from the clean formula to the elegantly sleek packaging.

The six available shades pay tribute to some of Marco's favorite Hollywood icons through the ages: Marilyn (Blonde), Sharon (Light Brunette), Rita (Auburn), Penelope (Brunette), Liz (Dark Brunette), and Frida (Soft Black). Responding to the overwhelming acclaim for the Ecobrow Defining Wax, Marco expanded the product line to include variations of the original, featuring mineral-based and paraben-free formulaa.

The latest addition to the line is the Ecobrow Defining Crayon, available in the same beloved shades as the original Ecobrow Defining Wax, along with a Clear formula for the Gel. Like their predecessor, these products offer effortless application, allowing you to easily control the intensity of each shade to achieve your desired look.

All of Marco’s creations serve the same purpose: to empower every woman – whether she’s a Marilyn, Sharon, Rita, Penelope, Liz or a Frida — to look and feel like a Hollywood icon.


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